Visclips have been re-designed for ease of use and re-named PolyGrabbers.
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Simple to use – Cuts costs – Stops wasted man hours

PolyGrabbers are changing the way poly sheeting dust barriers are erected across the country. These reusable clips eliminate the hassle of attaching a poly sheeting dust barrier to T-bar grid suspended ceiling systems.

Proudly made in the USA.


Installing a poly sheeting dust barrier with PolyGrabbers:

  • Cuts installation time by more than half of traditional methods
  • Will not damage grid or tile
  • Easy to use
  • Re-usable, inexpensive and very strong
  • Can be used with poly sheeting up to 12 mil.
  • Requires no maintenance after installation


VisClip Video

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The Tarp Zipper

Instant zipper door system

  • Create an entrance or exit in poly sheeting dust barriers
  • Helps to reduce dust and dirt leaving the work area
  • Installs in minutes without special tools
  • Inexpensive and very strong
  • Just peel, stick and cut


Tarp Zippers

About Us - Who We Are

In 1997, Scott Johnson, a carpenter with over 20 years of experience in the tenant improvement field, had put up and taken down hundreds of dust barriers using ineffective and inferior methods like binder clips, screws, tape and wires. Convinced that there had to be a much simpler and cost effective way of doing this important but annoying, time consuming and budget crushing job, Scott came up with the idea for PolyGrabbers (originally Vis-Clips). PolyGrabbers are a simple, reusable and strong clip that makes setting up a poly sheeting dust barrier literally a snap.